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nodus [ nōdəs/ ] - Latin for node, or an intersection of pathways

Ever since we were kids, we have been driven by our passions. Whether it is music, cooking, beer, fitness, or something else, we always strive for excellence in pursuing the things we love, and decidedly, our passions have become an integral part of who we are.

We believe that people should pursue their passions to create a life that they love. It is what makes us unique - it is what makes us human. The name Nodus represents the multitude of roads that cross, tangle, and merge in life. The experiences you have, the passions you embrace, the ambitions you chase - where those pathways intersect ultimately defines who you are.

In 2017, we decided to turn our biggest passion, watches, into something even bigger. Watches play an important role in our lives, accompanying us through adversity, celebrating milestones, and above all, preparing us for future endeavors. Our function-first design ethos ensures that these utilitarian mementos can last through the decades, equally withstanding active lifestyles as well as passing trends. We aim to give watch collectors all over the world the same gratification, solace, and ambition that we found in creating our own watches.

We envision a world where people are unafraid to embrace who they are and chase whatever passion pulls at them. Nodus Watches are built for the important things in life, and we hope that wherever life takes you, you take Nodus.

Your partners in time,

Wes K. and Cullen C.

A Look At

Our Approach


Our design process takes place in our Los Angeles studio where we execute a step-by-step plan to bring a watch concept to reality.  We start by picking a style of watch we want to create and proceed with paper sketches and digital renderings. Once 2D renderings are finalized, they are developed into technical drawings via computer-aided design (CAD). Before moving on to the prototyping phase, we print 3D models of the watch to confirm case dimensions and wearability.

Multi-Point Inspection

All watch components are inspected individually before assembly. Our team filters out and corrects any component that has any aesthetic or mechanical defects. Components such as sapphire crystals are inspected for scratches on the AR coating, hands and dials for blemishes and marks, cases for uneven finishing, bezel inserts for cracks and imperfections, lume for inconsistent and uneven application, and movements for performance irregularities.

American Assembly

Our watches are proudly assembled in Los Angeles, California. In the early stages of Nodus, we found many pervasive issues with outsourced-assembly and therefore chose to bring the assembly process back home. By having the assembly process take place in America, we can ensure that our watches can consistently meet our strict standards for quality. 

Movement Regulation

We regulate all of our movements to four positions to ensure that they can accurately keep time under any circumstance. All of our watches are held to a strict accuracy standard before leaving our workshop. Before the regulation process, we stress-test all movements for a minimum of 10 days in order to break them in and eliminate any movements that exhibit problems or poor performance. Any movement that cannot be regulated to our standards will not pass our quality control and therefore will not be used. 

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