The Retrospect Relay

Where is the Retrospect now?

The Retrospect on tour is currently with @n.o.rology  in New Orlean, Louisiana.


What is the purpose of the #RetrospectRelay?

We know that watches may look different when photographed through different lenses and on different wrists. As such, we thought that the best way to give the most accurate representation of the Retrospect is to send it across the United States to all our closest friends of the brand. We've cultivated these relationships with different Instagrammers over the past year and chose them for the Relay based on their wide-ranging collections and unique photography styles. It is worth noting that none of them are being paid or otherwise compensated for their time and effort. This relay is very important to us as it is representative of how much we value the watch-enthusiast community, and for the first time in our existence, watch as the community comes together to work on a common project.

What happens to the watch once the #RetrospectRelay ends?

We will be giving away the watch. We understand that it is not the final product and will likely have significant scuffing from its travels and strap changes, which in our opinion adds to its vintage appeal, not to mention it makes for a pretty interesting story. Nevertheless, we will deconstruct the watch and give it the full Nodus treatment before sending it to its new home. It will be the only one of its kind out in the world and will come with the same package that the standard orders will come with. To be eligible for the giveaway, do the following:

In the spirit of the Retrospect, we ask that you look into your past and think of an important moment in your life. On your Instagram feed, post a photo of a watch from your collection that carries a special story and tell us what that story is. Tell us why that watch will never leave your collection and what it means to you. Use the hashtags #RetrospectRelay and #WIStory and tag us in your post:
We will pick our two favorite entries and the relay participants will vote between the two posts. You have until May 1st to enter. We know how hard it is to pick just one watch, so you can enter up to 3 times.

Finally, follow every person at every stop on the #RetrospectRelay.

Will you be doing a similar relay with future models?

Stay tuned...

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