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The Sector GMT is the perfect travel partner, armed with a fourth hand to track two time zones in an intuitive manner. With a fast-set jumping-GMT hand, the Sector GMT is able to quickly move through time zones.

Originally, "GMT" stood for Greenwich Mean Time, as British Naval fleets coordinated their on-board chronometers with Greenwich, London. Over time, the term has evolved to become any watch that has a fourth GMT hand that tracks a 24 hour time-scale.

This special Sector GMT RedBar edition is a limited-edition release, co-designed with RedBar's Atlanta chapter. Limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, the Sector GMT RedBar edition features a stunning black dial with red highlights, as well as the Atlanta skyline engraved into the caseback. Each watch is individually numbered out of 50.

Nodus will be sponsoring RedBar Atlanta's April 6th, 2023 meetup, where Wes and Cullen will be hand delivering these watches. 

The Sector GMT is designed and assembled in Los Angeles.


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