We are proud to announce the launch of our first affiliate program. Until now, we have never had any affiliates, nor have we sponsored any publications, in the interest of maintaining integrity. We rarely run discounts or promotions on any of our watches, due to the supply constraints that a small business like ours is limited by.

Community is at the core of what we do - without the community, creating and collecting watches would not be nearly as enjoyable as it is. Independent watch reviewers and press outlets have always played a very important role in our community, and as the independent segment grows, their role will likewise become even more important.

We feel strongly that some journalists and podcasters are not compensated enough - if at all - for the amount of work, time, and capital that they put into creating honest articles and building their community. Independent writers almost always start doing what they do out of a genuine passion for the subject matter. However, as the independent watch segment has grown, many companies - including Nodus - have been able to capitalize on the communities that these creators have built.

While we maintain that we will never pay for a review, we want to give the community another way to support their favorite press outlets and channels…

…and we want to be fully transparent about how we are doing it.

We will continue to send our watches out to journalists and podcasters for honest coverage. Each outlet/channel will share a unique code that is valid for a limited amount of time with their audience. Upon entering the code at checkout on our site, each customer will be entitled to 10% off any watch of their choice, and Nodus will contribute an additional 5-7% (depending on model) to the outlet/channel.

1) Send watch to outlet / channel

2) Affiliate partner will share a unique code for a 10% discount on any watch

3) Nodus pays affiliate partner 5-7% of MSRP

It is that simple and that transparent.

This model allows us to send samples to these outlets for coverage and support the creators that have supported us for so many years. This also gives independent outlets a way to continue to deliver content and keep the lights on while continuing to cover watches, whether it is Nodus or any other brand.

If you are a fan of a particular YouTube channel, podcast, blog, or other independent outlet, please send us a message and we will reach out to them if they meet our criteria. Or better yet, send them a note to reach out to us directly.