#14 Brett Williams - Albany Watch Co., microbrand industry health check, surfing, Kickstarter

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Brett Williams is the founder and designer at Albany Watch Company. In his day job, he is an actor, who's latest work includes Ridley Scott's latest project on HBO max, Raised by Wolves. Recently, he has decided to turn one of his passions into a business - a story we are very familiar with - his recent off-screen project has been a couple of years in the making, but they just launched their debut, the Ama diver, on Kickstarter and they reached their goal within an hour.  In this conversation, Brett and I talk about being an actor, artist, and creative; we discuss the history of the Ama divers from Japan, and we also talk about what he has been doing with Albany for the past two years before launching this past week. We talk about how we take criticism on our designs from the watch community and what comes next for Albany.

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This episode was produced by Wesley Kwok.
Music in this episode was written, recorded, and produced by Dallas Thornton.

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