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Our Favorite Independent Brand Releases of 2018

Part of the reason why I wrote that article is because I am a watch enthusiast before an entrepreneur. I started this company with Cullen because of my love for watches. I thought that maybe, just maybe, if I started a watch company, it would curb the buying habits, but alas, that has proven to be totally false.

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Designing the Avalon - Two Years in the Making

In making the Avalon, there were a few manufacturing challenges, which prolonged the total project time to around 25 months. In this blog post, I hope to shed some light on some of the difficulties we had in making the Avalon, as well as the general design choices that we made.

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WindUp, WindDown

WindUp has turned into a pilgrimage for small and independent watch brands, and enthusiasts alike. This was the first time we attended WindUp together (Cullen attended the San Francisco WindUp in May of this year), and I confidently say that this will not be our last time attending.

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