A Week on the East Coast with Our Friends and Nodus Fam

Me doing some “work”

Me doing some “work”

Team Nodus just spent a week on the opposite side of the country, hanging out with some of our friends and mentors. The trip started out in Boston, where we spent the day taking photos at some of the beautiful historic sites around the city. At night, we hosted a small meet-up with some of our friends of the brand. It was a great time and a good warm-up for the hustle and bustle that New York City is known for.

Those who know us well would know that Bill Yao from MK II Watches is one of our inspirations behind Nodus. In launching Nodus, we really respected MK II’s dedication to quality and detail, and it is a philosophy that we have adopted at Nodus. When we finally got a chance to meet Bill last November, his authenticity and and genuine concern for the industry on a macro level only reinforced our respect for him and the path that he has paved for brands like ours to flourish.

Over the few months that followed our first meeting at WindUp, Bill evolved from a hero and someone we looked up to to a friend and a mentor. When he asked us to partner with him at the annual MK II meet-up, we knew we had to fly out and participate. Unlike Bill’s previous meet-ups, this one was not just a solo-MK II meet, but rather a joint collaboration between MK II, Nodus, Brew, and Astor & Banks.

There were plenty of independent brands present, a HUGE selection of vintage Seikos, and a little bit of everything else sprinkled in. One of the best parts of attending the meet-up as a brand owner was seeing how customers from all of our brands spread their interest among the four brands present. I think it was a clear sign that none of us really see other brands as competition, but rather, are collectively striving to bring legitimacy to this segment of the market.

As a matter of fact, I picked up a MK II Cruxible as a treat to myself - something I haven’t done in a long time. Cullen had picked up the new Retrograph by Brew at WindUp last month, so I look forward to doing a temporary trade with him in the next few weeks.

Here are some highlights from the meet-up:

The day after the collaborative meet-up, we spent the day walking around Brooklyn, ate bagels with cream cheese and lox, tried a microbrewery (one of our favorite things to do on the road) called Randolph Beer, before heading to the Worn & Wound office for a podcast interview with Ilya Ryvin. Their office has a nice open layout and a very cool vibe, but unfortunately, we did not take any photos.

On the podcast, we discuss all things Nodus, the state of the industry, our goals and vision for the brand, some challenges that we face in running the business, and much more. Stay tuned for the drop - you’ll hear about it on our Instagram, Facebook, and newsletter.

Wesley Kwok