A Bit About Ourselves

To keep the story short, we’re just two longtime friends who happen to be passionate about watches.

Our history goes way back to middle school, where our friendship blossomed from our shared love for music and guitar. We played guitar every single day, obsessed about our grail guitars and amplifiers, and eventually assembled two of our own custom guitars. What made it all so special was that we didn’t just keep the passion between ourselves. Instead, we formed a band and spread our music around the local community for others to enjoy, winning a number of music competitions in the process.

Cullen (left) and Wes (middle) playing custom guitars

Cullen (left) and Wes (middle) playing custom guitars


In 2012, we went our separate ways to college. Wes went to go study music business and acoustics in Boston while I went to study economics and computer science in Los Angeles. During those four years, we simultaneously got into watches without each other knowing, and our shared passion for watches was solidified when Wes gifted me my first dive watch, the Seiko SKX007, which prompted me to return the favor by gifting him an Orient Blue Ray. Yes, his gift was probably the better one, but that didn’t stop us from diving deeper into the compelling and fascinating world of watches. It is well-known that history tends to repeat itself, and that was no different for us. We couldn’t just keep this passion of watches between ourselves; we had to share it with the world for others to enjoy, and thus Nodus Watches was born.


What watches do you own / previously owned?

Cullen: Besides Nodus, I only own Seiko watches at the moment: SBDX001, SBBN033, SKX007, and SRP775. I’ve previously owned watches like the Mk II Hawkinge, Helson Skindiver, Tactico Anko, Zeno Explorer, Seiko Monster SRP307, and some others. Oh, I also technically “own” a Kemmner 007. I sent it in for a repair under warranty over eight months ago and haven’t heard back from the man. He’s probably on some tropical island right now wearing my watch and laughing at me for thinking that he’d actually repair it. I miss that watch. Roland, if you are reading this, please give the watch back to me.

Wes: I currently own a Steinhart OVM, Squale 1545 Root Beer, Orient Blue Ray, and a Ball Engineer Master II pilot watch that was gifted to me by my dad. But lately, the Nodus Trieste has been getting the most wrist time.


What watch do you plan on purchasing next? What is your grail watch?

Cullen: I really really want the Seiko 62MAS reissue, SBDX019. Hope to get that when it gets released. As for a grail watch...probably an all-original Seiko 6159-7001. Except by the time I would be able to afford one (around $6k), it’ll probably be $10k and I won’t be able to get it.

Seiko 6159-7001 Photo credit: cmoy from Watchuseek

Seiko 6159-7001
Photo credit: cmoy from Watchuseek


Wes: I am having trouble deciding which to get next so here are my next three watches in no particular order: Tudor Black Bay, Damasko DA46, Halios Seaforth. The obvious grail for me would be a vintage 5513.

Rolex 5513 Photo credit: horobox.com

Rolex 5513
Photo credit: horobox.com


What are your favorite microbrands and why?

Cullen: Love Mk II, despite the long wait times for Bill’s watches. I don’t know if there’s any watch of his that I wouldn’t love to have in my collection. He knows how to do an homage watch justice, especially when it comes to the tiny details such as hand proportions. I can’t tell you how many people do the Mercedes-hands incorrectly on their vintage Sub homages. Halios is another one of my favorite microbrands simply for the design. Very Seiko-inspired yet very Halios at the same time.

Wes: Halios for elegance. Aevig for creativity. MkII for attention to detail.