STP 1-11 vs ETA 2824

You can find watches that costs $450 all the way to $2500, all with the exact same movement. Do you know what you are really paying for when you pay a $2000+ premium on a watch?

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Decisions, Decisions…

“Is there anything you would change about the Trieste if you could go back in time and go through this process again?”

I asked this question to Cullen just before the official release of the Trieste. Part of me was wondering if there was any part of him that was dissatisfied with any aspect of the watch. Another part of me was hoping he was just as happy about it as I was. We had collaborated before in the past, from school projects to a blues-rock band, but this was the first time we had started a company together and designed a product to be sold all over the world. This time, it had to be perfect.

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