The Best of Both Worlds

At Nodus, we are committed to delivering high-quality timepieces. Our elegant designs and top-of-the-line materials reinforce our dedication to beautiful aesthetics and superb quality, ensuring that our watches meet not only our standards, but also surpass their wearers' expectations.


Attention to Detail

Each component of every watch is thoroughly inspected before final assembly. We believe that a watch should last for decades and that the only way to give a watch the longevity it deserves is to ensure that every single component is flawless. We proudly stand behind our watches and offer warranty coverage for all our pieces.


Automatic Timepieces

Nodus is proud to power our watches with self-winding Swiss and Japanese movements that are regulated in-house. It is important that our movements are reliable and durable, so that their wearers can trust that the watch will run accurately for years without the need for a battery change or servicing. All movements are covered by our warranty to correct any manufacturing defects.


Behind the Brand


Cullen Chen

Wesley Kwok