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About Us


Nodus is a boutique watch company based in Los Angeles. As a hub for innovation, creativity, and local production, Los Angeles serves as both our home and our inspiration. Much like the independent fashion labels that come from our hometown, our goal is to create an extraordinary product that stands on its own merits, rather than rely on prestige and history.

Nodus watches are designed and assembled in Los Angeles.


Our Approach


Design. Inspection. Assembly. Regulation.


Behind the Brand


Ever since a young age, our lives have been dictated by our passions. In 2017, we decided to turn our biggest passion, watches, into a living. We envision a world where consumers ask more questions and hold companies to a higher standard; we hope to make that world a reality with Nodus.

Cullen Chen is the co-founder of Nodus. He is in charge of manufacturing, assembly, and design. His other interests include music, cars, and BBQ.

Wesley Kwok is the co-founder of Nodus. He handles marketing, manufacturing, and design. His passions include music, cooking, and fitness.